Seven Creative Ways to Add Landscape Lighting

Seven Creative Ways to Add Landscape Lighting

Why should your beautifully landscaped lawn become invisible after the sun goes down? Creative landscape lighting ideas involve strategically placing the lights in your lawn or garden to add to the aesthetics of your home and enjoy glorious evenings safely outdoors. When you have done all you can to landscape your home, why compromise with its lighting? For more information on residential or commercial landscaping lighting, contact the professionals at Chris James Landscaping. 

Creative Landscape Lighting Ideas

The most effective way to showcase the best features of your yard and make your home a safer place is to install garden and landscape lighting. To make your yard comfortable and attractive, consider including outdoor lighting in your next landscaping project.

Hanging jar lights

Using glass jars to create hanging lanterns is one of the easiest and most creative solutions to add lighting to your landscaped lawn. You can have a professional do the job for you or you can create the hanging jar lanterns on your own with a few glass jars, metal wire and colorful candles.

Cupcake Lights

Cupcake lights are easy to make and install too. You will need cupcake liners that can be bought in a bakery, white or color bulbs to fit inside the wrappers, depending on how bright you want the light, and other material like holders and wires. If you know can connect a few holders and bulbs to the wires, all you need to do is mark an ‘X’ with a knife at the bottom of the cupcake liner and slip in the bulb through it, like a skirt. Your garden cupcake lights are ready.


© nezek - Fotolia.comOrbs can light up your landscaped garden beautifully. You could go for the plain white orbs for a brighter lawn or you could opt for colored ones, or paper orbs for a more less-conservative look. Either way, installing stand-alone orbs or hanging them above your garden table is a great way to light up the area.


Wells are hidden spaces in the ground that house bulbs and light up the trees and bushes without being seen. You can use these to highlight a specific area in the lawn like a tree, the façade or a wall.  This type of lighting is also great for driveways and walkways, providing the necessary lighting effect without having the fixture itself stick out.

Spotlights And Floodlights

Both spotlights and floodlights can be used to highlight objects of interest in the yard, such as sculptures, plants, or trees. Floodlights feature a broader beam to illuminate larger areas, in contrast to spotlights, which are more focused to emphasize individual details. The interesting elements you want to draw attention to in your yard will determine where you should put landscape lighting.

Wine Bottle Lights

Have used wine bottles to spare? Why not make them lanterns that adorn your garden? You can slip in a small bulb inside the bottle and place the bottles in between plants for uniform lighting, or you can hang them to the roof of the porch or to tree branches.

Lighting Effect

For a unique and attractive appeal, you can opt for different types of landscape lighting including highlighting – which is to focus on a particular area, tree or bush; step lighting, change in light shades based on the elevation; and mood lighting, which is to vary the brightness to suit the purpose of the space.

Most Beneficial Landscape Lighting Placement

For safety, entertainment, and aesthetics, it is crucial to illuminate your surrounding hardscapes and landscapes. Even though you might be tempted to illuminate your entire yard for maximum visibility, this tactic is ultimately costly and dulls the area. Creating a welcoming environment for hosting will be easier by strategically lighting key objects like walls, ponds, and trees. 

Outdoor lighting also serves a practical purpose, as landscape path lighting and other techniques will make it simpler and safer for you and your guests to navigate your yard and home. Some key areas for maximum lighting use and aesthetics include:

  • Paths
  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Gardens
  • Yards
  • Ponds
  • And hardscape areas such as walls, rocks, and arbors.

Your hardscapes and landscapes can become the talk of the neighborhood with the help of the correct landscape lighting for your yard and home. With the right design, installation, and maintenance services, your outdoor lighting can be the best on the block and make your yard as attractive at night as it is during the day.

Enjoy Your Yard By Taking It To The Next Level

Professional landscape and outdoor lighting offers homeowners value in a variety of ways. It can draw attention to design details or help to enhance and enlarge a space. After dark, landscape lighting enhances the appeal while rendering popular outdoor living spaces functional. Security is also always valuable, of course. 

Increasing curb appeal with an entryway makeover is one of the simplest, most economical ways to influence your home’s value. All you need is a fresh coat of paint, new lighting, and one or two accent pieces. For more information on landscape lighting or tips and ideas, contact the professionals at Chris James Landscaping today. 

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