Seven Flowers to Include in Your New Jersey Fall Garden

The changing of the seasons is a great time to assess your garden. Now is the time that your summer flowers are dwindling, and your thoughts should be turning to your fall garden. This year, choose to be adventurous and daring with your garden. Stray away from the good-old standards of asters and chrysanthemums and try some different fall flowers to perk up your garden. Following are seven flowers to include in your New Jersey fall garden this year.

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1. Anemones

If you want to make a statement in your garden, then this is the flower for you. It can grow as high as five feet tall although typically they reach about three feet. The blooms reach about two to three inches and diameter, and they sway in the breeze, earning it the apt nickname, “wind flower”. The blooms can be either single or double and range in color from dark purple to bright pink and even white. These beauties thrive in medium shade but can survive in direct sunlight, as long as the soil remains moist. As an added benefit, these flowers are also deer resistant.

2. Miscanthus

This ornamental grass is a great filler for empty spaces in your garden. It is not your average, ordinary, everyday grass. It is lightly striped and has small pink blooms to add some visual interest. When the blooms dry they turn a beautiful golden-beige that adds beauty to your garden all through the autumn and into the winter. This grass grows between four to six feet tall and as much as 48 inches wide. It is also deer resistant, so it is a great option for areas you want to keep free of deer.

3. Helenium

Helenium is a wonderful addition to any New Jersey garden. It is a rugged flower that can withstand a bit of abuse. The blooms are hearty and can last long into the season. The blooms are similar to daisies and come in vibrant two-tone colors. A popular combination is a deep gold and bright orange combination. This gorgeous flower like a minimal amount of sun but can also take direct sunlight. They are perfect for cutting and displaying in the home.

4. Phlox Paniculata

If you are looking for a fall-blooming perennial, phlox paniculata is one you should truly consider. These flowers have a long history and for good reason. They are both beautiful and easy to care for. They have a delicious fragrance and come in a vibrant variety of hues. These plants are also resistant to pests and disease. Be sure to have enough room for these perennials as they do have a tendency to spread out.

5. Earlybird Cardinal Daylilies

Lilies are always a nice addition to any garden. However, some varieties are boring and do not add much to a fall garden. The Earlybird Cardinal is the exception. These gorgeous blooms are a unique red hue, reminiscent of the inside of a watermelon. The bright green foliage beautifully complements the color of the bloom. This flower is the ideal choice for a homeowner who wants beautiful flowers throughout the year but does not have the time to repeatedly plant, as generally the flowers begin to bloom in the spring and last throughout the fall.

6. Gaillardia

The gaillardia practically screams autumn. The small blooms come in the typical fall shades of deep oranges, yellows, and reds. This flower is a great choice for anyone who doesn’t know exactly what to grow. There are so many varieties and sizes; it is virtually impossible to find a kind that does not suit your fancy. The gaillardia is also known as the blanket flower, so be sure to leave lots of room for them to spread out. The blooms are also ideal for cutting and showcasing in your home.

7. Verbena

If your garden contains landscaping elements such as retaining walls, window boxes, or flowerpots, you should consider including verbena. These small two-tone flowers have a cascading nature and come in beautiful fall shades such as purple, maroon with bright white centers. These flowers will provide blooms for you to enjoy all throughout the fall season as long as the soil is kept well-drained. This is the perfect flower to add to any area of your garden that needs to be jazzed up a bit.

Fall is a time to celebrate bright and vibrant colors. Make your New Jersey garden a showcase of the beauty of the area and the season. A professional landscaper can help you create an autumn garden your neighbors will be envious of.

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