Seven Summer Lawn Care Tips For Greener NJ Grass

The heat of the summer can turn green grass into a brown mess. The right maintenance strategies are essential to stand up to the hottest days in New Jersey. Consider these seven savvy summer lawn care tips for greener NJ grass and a more beautiful yard.

summer lawn careMowing Matters

Mowing the lawn is a necessary maintenance task. The height of the lawn should be about 3 1/2 to 4 inches. Remember to use sharpened mower blades for the best results. Avoid mowing the lawn on the hottest days of the year, when the grass is dry. Also, never mow wet grass. The right mowing timing and techniques make the grass look greener on your side of the fence.

Water the Grass

It sounds simple, but often people forget to water the grass. When the heat is on and rain is nowhere in sight, the grass still needs water to stay green. Never saturate the grass until puddles form. Conversely, it is also not beneficial to provide too little water. The grass and ground should be wet after watering. Try to water the lawn at least twice a week. The early morning hours are best because the grass has all day to dry. Consider getting an irrigation system to make this task easy.

A Buggy Scenario

During the heat and humidity of the summer, the bugs seem to be everywhere – and that includes your grass. Some insects are annoying and potentially harmful if they bite a person. Others get into the lawn and cause damage to it. Either way, consult with an experienced NJ landscaper to find out the right way to eliminate bugs that can ruin a backyard barbecue.

Whacking the Weeds

Weeds are part of growing a healthy lawn. However, they detract from the beauty of an otherwise well-maintained yard. Certain weed killers can also destroy the grass. Talk to a landscaping professional to determine the right way to get rid of weeds without hurting the lawn. Cutting or pulling weeds is a laborious – yet otherwise effective – way to keep up with the problem.

Get to the Root of the Situation

Healthy roots support a greener, more attractive lawn. It all starts at the root, where the grass begins. Fertilizer is the best way to feed the roots and watch the lawn get thicker. Certain times of the year are best, depending on the weather and outdoor conditions. Consult with your landscaper to learn more about fertilizing the lawn so it becomes lush yet strong enough to stand up to the natural elements.

Just Add Flowers

Nothing complements a lawn better than a prolific garden of colorful flowers. Summer flowers can be planted in designated garden spaces, around borders, and near yard features such as the mailbox or a tree. Make sure to water the flowers, too, so they continue to bring color and fragrance to the yard until the end of the season.

Consider the Hardscapes

Don’t want people to walk on your gorgeous grass? Make sure to add plenty of hardscapes for people to get around the yard. Paths, walkways, and garden stones help prevent people from walking on the lawn. And it can also help to add a sign discouraging people from walking on the lawn. Add landscaping lights to the pathways so people see them at night.

Talk to a reputable NJ landscaper to learn more about proper summer lawn care. With the right maintenance throughout the season, the grass can continue to be green and healthy.

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