Seven Ways To Boost the Curb Appeal of NJ Commercial Properties

Spring sunshine makes everyone want to spend time outdoors. When people work indoors all day, it helps to look out the window at beautiful landscaping. And attractive landscaping makes companies look good. The right landscape designs transform the way a property looks. And the right curb appeal can help your business grow. If you are looking for one of the best commercial landscaping companies to take care of your commercial landscaping needs, Chris James Landscaping has you covered! We offer year-round commercial landscaping services, including snow and ice management, spring and fall landscaping cleanup, and weekly lanscape service plans. Discover six ways to boost the curb appeal of NJ commercial properties.

commercial landscaping companiesFlowering Gardens

Flowers bring color to any outdoor space. Commercial buildings look better with seasonal flower gardens celebrating the time of year. Plant tulips in the spring, daisies in the summer, and mums in the fall. Add flowers to the edges of the property, near walkways, and in garden areas. And flowers also attract wildlife for a natural feel around your building. Flowers bring beauty to your outdoor spaces. The look and feel of a commercial landscape can have a huge impact on business traffic. Our landscaping services can help.

Tidy Walkways

Walkways are a safe way for people to get around your commercial property. Plus, walkways help direct people to where they need to go. Update your commercial walkways to make them more attractive. Get rid of cracks, raised areas, and weeds. Consider repaving the walkways for a fresh look. Include walkways to entrances and from exits as well as paths to trafficked areas of the property. This includes landscaping service in the cold, winter months as well. We offer snow and ice management services to keep your walkways clear.

Timeless Evergreens

Adding evergreens is a practical way to ensure green spaces throughout the year. Evergreens add life and color even during the coldest months of winter. And these hardy additions are easy to maintain. A landscaper just has to trim them occasionally to ensure the property is accessible to visitors. No matter what the season, evergreens can improve your NJ property.

Stately Trees

Nothing is more enticing than a property with mature trees. And having stately trees gives a business a majestic appearance. Even new companies look well-established when the property has tall trees. And the birds gather in the trees so workers get closer to nature during break time. In addition, the trees provide shade during the warmest months of the year.

Accessible Driveways

A driveway is the means of egress to your facility. People need to easily find the driveway and use it to get to businesses in your building. Make sure it is in good repair. Add additional ways to access parking lots and other important spaces. Get rid of potholes and other issues. And consider adding flowers or lighting along the driveway to increase its appeal and visibility. Our landscape services can help clean and protect your driveways, including ice and snow removal when needed

Fantastic Fountains With Outdoor Seating

A fountain becomes a focal point near the entrance of an office. And it is more inviting when cement benches and flowers gardens are added to the area. The fountain adds instant curb appeal and provides a relaxing space. Visitors and employees will look forward to spending time watching the water flow through the fountain. And passersby are sure to stop for a moment to admire a functioning fountain with lovely landscapes and abundant flowers. Proper landscape services utilize your flower and shrub additions with the entirety of your landscape appeal, to create a well-maintaned and beautiful curb appeal look.

Add Lighting

When people come to the property after dark, the right lighting showcases your landscaping. And lighting has a practical purpose. Strategically placed lights help guide people around the property. They can help prevent accidents and injuries. Plus, outdoor lights draw attention to important areas, such as walkways and places where people get rid of the trash. Quality outdoor lights minimize a property owner’s liability and also help maintain a higher level of security.

A local landscaper can help you create landscaping designs that showcase your commercial property all year round. Boosting your curb appeal adds value to your property. And everyone will enjoy renting or leasing offices when the outdoor areas are attractive. A few simple updates can go a long way.

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