Simple Ways to Add Shade to Your Outdoor Spaces

Simple Ways to Add Shade to Your Outdoor Spaces

Is the harsh sun preventing you from relaxing in your own garden or backyard? Do you want to enjoy hot cocoa outdoors without getting wet in the rain? Then it is time to add some shade to your outdoor spaces. Creating shaded areas in the garden or your backyard is important if you want to make use of the space efficiently. Adding shade to your outdoor spaces becomes easy when you consider a few important factors discussed below.

Where do you want shade?

The first thing to consider is where you want shade in your garden or backyard. Selecting just any space randomly is not a good idea. If you are not sure where the right place is to add shade, figure out the direction of the sun. This will give you an idea about what kind of shade needs to be installed and how it has to be installed for the right ambience.

What type of cover are you looking for?

You can create a shaded area using a simple fabric or you can opt for the stronger materials like wood, metal or poly carbonate structures depending on what the shade is for. If you only want a sun shade, one made from fabric like a beach umbrella will do. A standing umbrella is an excellent option if you want to add shade to a smaller area in the garden. But if you want a shade that provides shelter from sun and rain, then you should opt for a stronger material that can withstand heavy rainfall and even snowfall.

Adding shade to pergolas

Pergolas in the garden make excellent spaces for spending time with your friends and family. Add a shade and a table and you can even enjoy your breakfast or evening drinks out in the open, natural surroundings of your home. Even here, you can opt for wooden shades, canopy-styled covers or transparent fabric to go with the theme or architecture of the house.


Nothing beats the natural shade that trees provide. Plant trees in the right spot and you will enjoy not just shade but also fresh air and breeze that the trees supply to you. Talk to your landscape designer to find out what kind of trees will thrive in your garden.

Also consider your budget and discuss your preferences with your landscape gardener before adding shades in the outdoor space around your home.