Six Important Reasons to Hire a Landscaper in the Fall and Winter

In the Northeastern United States, autumn and winter are some of the best times to employ a landscaper for your home or business. Although most people don’t consider landscaping in the fall or winter months, you’ll be surprised at what services are still available. Taking care of your property goes beyond mowing the lawn and planting flowers. Below are six important reasons to hire a landscaper during the fall and winter seasons.

© alisonhancock - Fotolia.com1. Protect Your Real Estate Investments

Your home is your safe haven away from work and the trifles of everyday life. It’s also a major financial investment. Like anything we’ve put
a lot of love and energy into, we need to make sure we keep it protected and running smoothly. It’s important to hire a landscaper during the fall and winter months in New Jersey because as all the leaves fall off the trees, you want to make sure they don’t cause any damage to your house or property. A landscaper will not only remove all the fallen leaves from those trees in your yard, saving you hours of your precious time at home, but will make sure they don’t cause any damage to your roof, gutters or plumbing system. You will have more time to relax inside and rest easy knowing the work is done.

2. Prune Your Trees in Winter

Since the leaves have fallen off the trees, the landscaper actually has a better sight of the trees’ structures. This makes the work go faster and will save you money. Tree service prices are usually based on how difficult it is to access a tree. Since the ground is frozen during the winter and leaves have fallen, landscapers will be able to access the tree easier with their equipment. This will save you time and money.

3. Snow and Ice Removal Makes Life at Home Easier

In the deeper winter months in New Jersey and the Northeastern U.S., your home can quickly get engulfed in mountains of snow or layers of slippery ice. To keep you and your family safe, hire a landscaper to take care of these hazards for you. Besides making your driveway and walkways clear and safe, your landscaper’s work will also make your commute to work much faster as you can rely on their service to clear your driveway and any stairs. Why wake up earlier than normal and do the work yourself when you can hire someone to do a better and safer job?

4. Protect Your Customers’ Safety at Your Business Location

For local businesses, snow and ice removal is vital to your continued success. It’s a nightmare for a business owner if a customer slips and falls on their premises. Why risk someone slipping on ice , getting hurt, and having to deal with a drawn-out, expensive lawsuit? A professional landscaper will make sure your place of business is safe from these preventable risks. A landscaping service will provide anti-icing and de-icing services with both liquid and granular applications. Your best value is always assured and specialty equipment is available to take care of your unique needs. Having your property cleared of snow and ice also encourages customers to visit your business. If they can’t access your facility, they won’t come. This can have a negative impacts on your profits during the chilly season.

5. Winter-Proof Your Outdoor Irrigation Systems

In the winter months, the ground freezes. To protect your investment in your irrigation system at home or your business location, hire a landscaping professional to check and make sure your sprinkler system is winter-proof Your landscaper will make sure all the water is expelled from the system so the pipes don’t burst when the ground freezes. They will also make sure you have the proper back-flow prevention device if your irrigation system is connected to a domestic water supply. A landscaping service will also determine the best-sized compressor for your irrigation system by analyzing the gallons per minute that flow through each zone in your system.

6. Renovate Your Lawn

Although you might not have considered it before the best time for homeowners to renovate your lawn for next year. You’ll take advantage of nature to make the process work better for you. To renovate your lawn, your landscaper will thoroughly rake your lawn first. This will open and expose the fertile soil underneath the surface so new seeds will easily take root and germinate. Next if the terrain is uneven, new soil will be placed atop the lowest areas. Then the empty patches or the whole yard is reseeded as necessary. To ensure a great result, your landscaper will fertilize the seeds and protect the seeds from winter scavengers like birds. In winter, nature provides the seeds with enough water to promote germination saving you the necessity of watering the seeds.

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