Six New Jersey Back Garden Designs to Transform Your Yard

When people plan their backyards, often they consider patios, decks, and swimming pools. All of these items are excellent for entertaining. But what about the ambiance in your outdoor living space? Consider at least one or two of these six New Jersey back garden designs to transform your yard.

back garden designsRows of Colorful Flowers

Nothing adds a splash of cheer to a backyard garden like rows of flowers. The taller flowering plants should be toward the back with lower ones in the front. This created a tiered look and draws the eye into the various flowers. Include plants that bloom during various seasons so the yard is filled with flowers throughout the spring, summer, and fall. From tulips to mums, consider an array of beauties for your New Jersey garden.

A Bench Amidst Lush Shrubbery

Flowering shrubs are a simple way to add color to your backyard. Talk to a professional landscaper about the best shrubs for your space and lawn. Find out how large the shrubs will grow over the years. Consider familiar favorites such as azalea and rhododendron. Inquire about proper maintenance of the shrubs, such as when they should be watered, fed, and pruned. Situate a bench among them to encourage people to sit down and enjoy their glory in a peaceful setting.

Trees Encircled With Flowers

With minimal care, trees grow tall for generations. From the sturdy oak to slender evergreens, consider which trees fit your style and yard best. And some people have homes with mature trees throughout the yard so no planting is required. Add topsoil around the trees and plant flowers in a circular shape. Surround the plants with a small fence or rock. Adding flowers makes the trees look even more majestic.

A Path and Archway to a Fountain Garden

Create a zen feeling in your backyard. Discuss hardscapes with your landscaping team, such as a pathway with an arch leading to a fountain garden. The fountain can be a fixture, bird bath, or pond complete with koi and a stream of water. Consider your budget, space, and goals to create an oasis in your outdoor space. When you walk through the archway, leave the pressure of daily life behind and soak up the joy of being outdoors.

Herbs and Vegetables

Planting herbs and vegetables encourage a healthy lifestyle. A landscaping can help you maintain them, but you will also have to work on the garden yourself. It is a daily job to keep the garden growing and maturing until you have a crop. Plant flowers, such as marigold, around the border to deter bugs. Inquire about pest control methods and put up a small fence to keep hungry critters out of the garden. The herbs will provide a natural fragrance in your yard that adds to its appeal. And everyone is sure to appreciate the harvest when you serve fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

Container Gardens

People with limited space can indulge their desires for flowers and plants by creating container gardens. Containers can be placed in small areas, such as around a patio or on a deck. They are also excellent for corners of the yard where there is little room for trees, shrubs, or flower gardens. Choose eye-catching containers and fill them with all types of plants. Move them around to change the look of your yard.

Work with a skilled landscaper to create unique back garden designs with flowers, shrubs, trees, and hardscapes. With some imagination, any space can look luxurious and become your private escape.

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