Smart Ways to Improve Business Curb Appeal in New Jersey

Do you have a brick and mortar business? Think of what is appealing to you when you visit other brick and mortar businesses. Clean lawns, pretty flowers, a beautiful exterior and a lovely sign hanging outside are probably things that come to mind. People are not attracted to businesses that have dingy signs, paint flaking from the windows, and junk piled around the entrance door.

improve business curb appealYou want to attract people to your storefront. Advertising is certainly part of it, but curb appeal is a huge factor as well. When people come to your business and see a quality building a storefront, that feeling exudes that you offer a quality product as well.

Maybe you’re considering selling your business. In that case, curb appeal is even more important. It’s just like the sale of a home. You have to do everything you’d do in that case—clean up, fix broken things, and remove clutter. Business curb appeal is important because any enterprise has a reputation. Much of that reputation is based on an image.

What exactly is curb appeal? It is neatness and beauty that draws customers into your store or business. Curb appeal helps form that first impression—and that lasting impression. Here’s an example. Let’s say you own a flower shop or a garden center. Do you want one that looks like a gingerbread castle with oodles and oodles of plants and hanging baskets or a plain, barren storefront with no greenery? If your storefront could use some sprucing up, here are six ways you can step up your curb appeal.


Make storefront windows and in-store displays less cluttered. Customers want a clean and neat store. Inside displays should be neat and uncluttered with enough room for people to navigate around. Think warm and inviting.

The Great Outdoors

Put items outside for sale, but make the display attractive. Clearance sales certainly draw customers in, as does placing some of your most eye-catching items for sale.

A Clean Sweep

You might be surprised how much a good cleaning and sweeping will do to improve your curb appeal. Clean doors and wash windows, power wash any dirt and mold off the exterior of the building, and sweep the sidewalks and parking lot. Have you ever driven by a building covered in mold? What impression did that make? It usually invokes the feeling that the owner doesn’t care much for his business. It might even signal that you’re struggling to make ends meet. That’s not an impression you want to leave with your customers. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, or you’re not otherwise DIY inclined, hire a professional crew to do this monthly or on a frequent basis. Your customers will notice.

Spruce It Up

Your storefront might need more than just a good cleaning—a fresh coat of paint might be long overdue. Painting the whole exterior with a quality paint means less maintenance down the road. Paint windows and doors a corresponding color that gets people’s attention. While you’re at it, painting lines on your parking lot might not be a bad idea either. If your front door is looking worn, and paint won’t fix it, consider investing in a new one.

Give Them A Sign

Create a great sign that fits your business. Make the sign as large as possible and make it easy to read by using large letters and colors that pop. Last but not least, make sure your sign is visible from all roads. You’d be surprised how many businesses have hidden signs.


No one likes shopping in a concrete jungle. Many businesses are generic from the outside, so consider adding plants to add curb appeal. Think outdoor oasis to get greawt commercial landscaping ideas. No space for planting? No worries. Get some beautiful pots, urns or even hanging baskets. What about window boxes for your windows? If you do have flower beds, add staple evergreen plants and flowers that will add seasonal color. If you don’t have a green thumb, hire a professional landscaper to design your storefront greenery. It will give your business a fresh, new look.

These are just a few ideas that can give your business a real boost. Just think how great your company will look if you implement all of these! After the big spruce-up, strongly consider year-round maintenance if it is a task too large for you to handle. Taking care of your exterior and grounds in every season is important to your business. Remember that once customers form their first impression, you rarely get a second chance to create a new impression. A professional landscapers can keep your property looking spectacular all year long.

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