Steps for Fall Landscaping Cleanup in New Jersey

Proper lawn and landscaping care is a year-round responsibility for any homeowner in New Jersey. Having a beautiful yard requires constant care and attention. There are many steps to caring for your fall landscape. To keep your yard healthy throughout winter and ready for the spring blooms, the following steps should be taken.

© Andrew Kazmierski - Fotolia.comMow and water the lawn

As long as grass still grows it is necessary to keep it mowed. This task should not stop when the summer comes to an end. It also needs to be watered regularly. It is a good idea to lower the blade on the mower to allow more sun to reach the blades of grass. Watering should be done at the beginning of the day to avoid evaporation and disease development. Keeping your lawn watered and mowed properly will help it thrive throughout the fall, and it will be ready to rejuvenate when the warmth of spring returns.

Fertilize the lawn

Fall fertilization is another important factor in the health and maintenance of a lawn. Fertilizing the lawn in the fall will help to keep the roots healthy and vital. It also replenishes the nutrients that the lawn expended all summer long. It is best to fertilize the lawn early in the fall when plants are still absorbing nutrients.

Aerate the soil

Aerating the soil in the fall is essential for getting oxygen, water and fertilizer to the roots where they can be the most effective. Also, compacted soil is not good for grass growth. Aeration will loosen the soil and encourage the grass to grow.

Level out and reseed

Taking steps in the fall will help to ensure your lawn is ready for the summer. One of the most important steps you can take is leveling out and reseeding the lawn. When the lawn is reseeded in the fall, it gives the roots ample time to become established and strong before the winter comes and the grass lies dormant. It also fills in any bald spots that have developed over the summer.

Weed control

Weeds are similar to plants and flowers in that they also absorb liquids in the fall. So, this is the perfect time to douse them with weed killer. Applying herbicide in the fall will result in the absence of weeds in the spring.

Divide the plants

Perennials have a tendency to grow like wildfire all summer long. By the end of the season, the garden can become overrun with summer flowers. Early in the fall is the perfect time to thin out the garden. Get rid of any plants and flowers that did not survive the season. Also, take this opportunity to remove any broken branches, twigs, and other debris that may have accumulated in the garden. Then, cut back the remaining plants and divide the root ball and replant wherever necessary.

Plant fall bulbs

This time of year is the right time to plant fall bulbs that will bloom in the spring such as daffodils, crocus, and tulips. Make sure you do not plant these bulbs until after the first frost so they stay nice and cool all winter.

Pick up leaves

Picking up leaves is a chore that continues throughout the entire fall. However, it is important to keep up with it and not let it become overwhelming. Leaves that are left on the ground for an extended period of time can suffocate the lawn. Also, soggy leaves that are not raked up can lead to the lawn developing diseases that are difficult to combat.

Trim dead limbs

Dead limbs and branches can become problematic in the winter. The harsh winds that come with the cold can be dangerous for both you and your home. Getting rid of the dead wood in the fall is a protective measure that can save you from a disaster when the weather gets bad and the winds start whipping.

Winterize shrubs and trees

Trees and shrubs that are left exposed to battle the elements all winter long often lose the battle. Covering them appropriately in the fall can help to assure they will still be alive and ready to thrive in the spring. Protecting them from the harsh elements is important to keep them looking beautiful when the warm weather finally returns.

Properly taking care of your lawn in the fall takes a lot of time and energy. If you would rather be using that time to spend with your family going to pumpkin patches and haunted houses, let an experienced local landscaper take care of all of your fall lawn care needs.

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