Steps to Take in the Fall to Have Beautiful NJ Grass in the Spring

The air has gotten crisp and cool. Fall is officially here. Lawns have all of a sudden turned from a lush green to a dried brown. Most people are probably not worried about lawn care at this time of year. But that’s a mistake. Now is the time to take some proactive steps to assure having a beautiful green lawn come springtime.

© scenery1 - Fotolia.comLawn furniture

Make sure the summer lawn furniture is put away. You won’t be using the patio furniture and chaise lounge so move them up to the deck or put them in the garage. Leaving outdoor furniture on the lawn will prevent the grass will prevent fresh air from getting to the grass and cause dead spots.

Soil test

Autumn is a good time of year to get a soil test. This test will let you know how healthy the soil is. This will ultimately help you determine what needs to be done with the soil before spring.

Grass height

Don’t let your grass get too high at this time of year. It will cause snow mold as winter nears, which will stunt grass growth in the spring.


Be sure to rake up the fallen leaves. Allowing leave to just sit on the grass prevents sun from reaching it. Consider investing in a mulching mower to shred the leaves. Once they are shredded, you can let the leaves stay on the lawn.

Remove thatch

Too much compacted soil and thatch on top of a lawn will suffocate the grass. When grass does not receive the air, water and nutrients it needs, it is unable to thrive.

Lawn food

Feeding a lawn in the fall is dependent on your geographical region. If you have cool-season grass in your yard, use a slow-release organic fertilizer. If your lawn has warn-season grass, there is no need to fertilize in the fall.


Reseeding bare areas in the fall will prevent weeds in the spring. Fall is a great time for grass to grow due to the cool temperatures.


Aerating the soil will allow oxygen, water, and fertilizer to get down to the roots. It is ideal to aerate in the fall to promote healthy grass in the spring.

Weed control

Over the course of a summer a lawn can become overrun with dandelions and other weeds. Weeds absorb energy during the fall they are receptive to any type of liquid, including weed killer. So, take advantage of the season and apply an herbicide to your lawn in the fall.

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