The Benefits of Hand Pruning Shrubs in New Jersey

Do you have a beautiful landscape at your New Jersey home? If so, do you take proper care of your ornamental shrubs and trees? Pruning shrubs and trees takes care of the greenery in your yard. However, many people either neglect to do tackle this task, or do it improperly. However, properly hand-pruning your shrubs and trees in an important step in maintaining the health and beauty of these elements. Although it may seem like the only reason to prune shrubs and plants is to control their size, there are many other benefits to pruning that might not be as obvious. Here are some of the best benefits of hand-pruning shrubs in New Jersey.



Promotes the health of the shrubs

Pruning ornamental shrubs will help to promote their health. Pruning will remove the dead and overgrown branches that hinder light and oxygen from reaching the growing portions of the shrub. Often the dead branches of a shrub are diseased, and it is important to remove them so the disease does not spread to the healthy parts of the shrub. Other ways pruning helps promote the health of a shrub are that it removes portions of the shrub that have been infested by insects, attacked by animals or damaged by storms. Any of these incidents can inhibit the healthy growth of the shrubs. Pruning the affected areas will help the shrub grow and thrive despite the adversity it has endured.

Improve the appearance of the shrubs

Ornamental shrubs are living organisms, and when they are not kept in check they can easily become overgrown. Overgrown shrubs are unsightly and can ruin the overall look of a landscape. Pruning can keep the overgrowth at bay and keep the shrubs looking healthy and fresh. Pruning can control the size and shape of the shrubs and ensure they stay well-proportioned in relation to the other elements of a landscape. Further, the simple act of removing the dead branches improves the overall appearance of the shrubs.

Protect people and property

Ornamental shrubs and trees that are not pruned can become a hazard to both people and property. Branches that are not cut back can invade many areas and become a nuisance. They can overhang the house and branches can get caught up in utility wires. A wily branch that extends to the sidewalk or street can easily become a hazard for someone who passes by, which can then turn into a lawsuit for a homeowner. Some tree branches have even been known to interfere with streetlights and traffic signals, creating a hazard for everyone in the neighborhood. The best course of action to keep everyone safe and out of harm’s way is to make sure shrubs and trees are pruned regularly.

Encourages flower and fruit development

Pruning shrubs and trees will remove the old and dead flower and fruit blooms from the previous season, leaving room for new buds to sprout and develop. Pruning helps to restore the natural growth habit of the flowers and fruits and allows the trees and shrubs to act like they are naturally meant to.

Restricts overgrowth

Overgrown shrubs and trees are both unsightly and potentially dangerous. Keeping ornamental greenery pruned helps to prevent the overgrowth and allows the natural beauty of the trees and shrubs to shine through. Preventing overgrowth is particularly important when the shrubs and trees are in small areas where there is not an abundance of room to grow.

Pruning helps a homeowner save money

Even in the most prosperous of times, homeowners are generally looking for ways to pinch a few pennies. Pruning ornamental shrubs and trees is an easy way to keep money in your wallet. Trees and shrubs that do not receive regular pruning can become unwieldy to the point where they cannot be controlled by the homeowner. Ultimately, the uncontrollable shrub or tree might need to be removed. It is more cost-effective to have trees and shrubs pruned on a regular basis.

Pruning adds curb appeal

Homeowners who do not prune the green elements in their yards end up with overgrown messes that are unappealing to anyone who drives past the house or comes to visit. When a homeowner takes the time to have shrubs and trees in the yard pruned regularly, the result is a beautifully manicured landscape. Whether you are selling your home and trying to attract prospective buyers, or simply take pride in your home and want it to look the absolute best that it can be, the few minutes and the small amount of effort it takes to prune the shrubs and trees is well worth it.

Pruning your ornamental shrubs and trees will help to make your landscape gorgeous. It has many other benefits as well. If you need help pruning the green elements of your landscape, please contact a neighborhood landscaper with the expertise to help you get the results you want.

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