The Importance of Getting Rid of Weeds in NJ

Most people recognize that we need to get rid of weeds in our yards and gardens. However, many of us don’t know exactly why we need face this routine task. It seems as if weeding has become an activity we do strictly because it has always been done. Keep in mind there is truly is a method to the madness. Discover the importance of getting rid of weeds in NJ and how to get the job done right.

© Horticulture - Fotolia.comWeeds are competitors

Weeds compete with the other plants in the garden for space to grow. If weeds are left to grow, before long they will take over all the space in the garden and overtake the flowers. Whether the garden is filled with flowers, vegetables, or plants, none of them can be tough enough to compete with the insidious nature of invasive weeds. This is largely because evolution has instilled in weeds a basic and strong need for survival, while the other life in the garden has purposes beyond that, such as nourishment or beautification. Since the weed’s drive for survival is so strong, it fights anything in its path to obtain more sunlight and water. Therefore, the root system of weeds can become strong and overtake everything else in the garden.

Weeds spread fast

Part of a weed’s invasive nature is that they spread fast. If you do not remove them from the garden promptly, it is not long before they have taken over the entire area. The best defense against a quick infestation of weeds is to get rid of them as soon as possible, so they do not have time to grow.

Weeds produce a large number of seeds

Weeds produce a large number of seeds, and every time the wind blows, the seeds get distributed. If weeds are not contained and eliminated quickly, they can completely infest an area with nothing more than a strong breeze. However, wind is not the only way the seeds are distributed. Birds, other animals, water, machinery and people all contribute to the widespread scattering of weed seeds.

Weeds compete for nutrients

Weeds are living organisms, just like flowers, plants, and crops. Like other living organisms, weeds need nutrients to survive. Weeds will compete with grasses, flowers, plants, and crops for all of the available nutrients in the soil. Since weeds are so strong, they will win over the other, more desirable, organisms in the garden. The flowers and plants are left without a sufficient amount of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. They will also becomenweak and prone to disease and insect infestation.

Weeds are a source of pests and disease

When weeds are not cleared out of the yard and garden, they invite the infestation of pests and diseases. When weeds are left to grow and fester, the area becomes a breeding ground for creatures such as slugs and snails. Further, if weeds are allowed to grow in the garden, they begin to germinate and expand early in the growing season. The increasing number of weeds becomes food for pests such as insects and aphids. These pests then begin to attack the plants, flowers, and vegetables that are growing in the garden. Weeds can also carry diseases that can attack flowers that are in the same family as the infested weeds. Once a disease begins to infiltrate a garden, it is hard to eradicate it.

Weeds are parasitic plants

Weeds are not truly considered plants. However, they are definitely parasitic in nature. Weeds attach themselves to host plants and drain them of their nutrients. The host plants become weak and vulnerable and are unable to thrive in the garden.

Weeds hinder the harvesting process

Edible crops that require harvesting need to be free of weeds. Timeliness and diseases are important factors in the harvesting process. The presence of weeds near edible crops makes harvesting more complicated and take longer. The resulting crops do not taste as good as they should. Further, not all weeds are edible, so if any of the weeds get mixed in with the crop, the result could be hazardous to the consumer.

Weeds are unappealing

Weeds should also be removed from yards and gardens for aesthetic reasons. Weeds are unsightly, and some of them are downright unattractive. Their presence can mar an otherwise beautiful outdoor landscape.

Cultivating a beautiful and healthy garden takes time and patience. Although keeping weeds out of the garden takes additional time and effort, the final product is always worth it. Work with an experienced local landscaper to help you rid your yard and garden of pesky, harmful weeds.

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