The Importance of Winterizing Irrigation Systems in the Fall

New Jersey winters are harsh, and they can wreak havoc on any of your outdoor landscape elements that are not protected. It is obvious to protect living elements such as trees and shrubs. However, also consider the importance of winterizing irrigation systems in the fall. Although it might not seem like an integral part of your fall landscaping maintenance plans, there are many benefits from taking this crucial step in lawn and landscape care this fall.

© pedrosala - Fotolia.comWhat does winterizing an irrigation system mean?

Winterizing protects the delicate components of the irrigation system from the harmful effects of the cold winter weather. The parts are vulnerable to the cold and, if they are not protected, they can easily break if any water left inside the pipes freezes. The winterizing process makes sure the system is free of any water that can freeze and ultimately cause the system to break or malfunction.

Freezing temperatures can damage irrigation systems

Science dictates that water expands when it freezes. The expansion of frozen water causes objects involved with an irrigation system, such as fittings, sprinklers, and valves, to burst or otherwise break. The only way to prevent this disaster from happening is to make sure that all water is drained out of the system through a winterizing process.

Financial savings

Many homeowners in New Jersey invest a significant amount of money to have an irrigation system installed. Failing to take proper care of the irrigation system in your yard can result in a broken system that eventually needs to be repaired or replaced. Either one of these choices is a costly venture that could have been easily avoided by taking proper care of the equipment. Further, irrigation systems are put in place to serve an important purpose. They help to maintain the health and beauty of the home’s landscape. Having a properly functioning irrigation system also helps to protect the financial investment homeowners put into their yards and landscaping elements.

Protection of the tap water flowing into the home

An important function of a home’s irrigation system is backflow protection. The backflow prevention device prevents contaminants from getting into the tap water line that leads into the house. When the irrigation system stops working, these contaminants can easily get sucked into the system’s pipes. A properly functioning backflow prevention device keeps the contaminants separate from the tap water. But if it freezes or otherwise becomes damaged due to exposure to cold weather, they can seep into the tap water and harm the people who rely on the water in the house for drinking and cleaning purposes.

Protects the beauty and health of the property

Landscapes are an important part of the aesthetic appeal of a home. Homeowners tend spend a lot of time and effort making their gardens and other landscape elements as appealing as they can be. When an irrigation system stops working due to damage caused by winter weather, the only option a homeowner has is to open up the ground to gain access to it so it can be repaired or replaced. Landscapes that are disturbed to such a great magnitude cannot thrive. Further, it is a challenge to regain the aesthetic appeal of a lawn that has been dug up. Another factor to consider is that lawns, trees, shrubs, and flowers all need a considerable amount of water. An irrigation system that has not been winterized and is damaged can cause a delay in getting an adequate amount of water to these elements, resulting in an unhealthy and unappealing landscape.

Voided warranties

Most irrigation systems come with warranties that protect the homeowner in the event the system malfunctions or breaks. A warranty can be a lifesaver for a homeowner because it can negate the need to spend money on a costly repair or replacement. Most irrigation system warranties specify that winterizing must be done. Homeowners who do not comply with this specification run the risk of having their warranty voided and would be responsible for paying for repairs or replacement themselves.

Failing to winterize your irrigation system can cause serious issues that can become expensive to rectify. However, taking time in the fall to take care of this crucial part of landscape maintenance can prevent major issues after the weather turns cold. New Jersey homeowners can depend on an experienced local landscaping to conduct a careful and complete winterization of their irrigation systems. This simple maintenance step in the fall can protect you irrigation system and help make your landscapes beautiful again next spring.

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