Top Spring Landscaping Tips

Top Spring Landscaping Tips

Spring is upon us and now is the perfect time to start prepping before the weather gets too warm. Chris James Landscaping knows that a healthy and thriving landscape is one of the best things you can do for your home during this season. Now is the best time to get started with these top spring landscaping tips, create a plan, and create a beautiful outdoor space.

1. Inspect Trees and Shrubs

Once you have a plan of action or a vision for this year’s spring landscape you will want to inspect your entire property, starting with your trees and shrubs. While walking around your property look for dead branches or branches that need pruning. Any dead or diseased limbs and branches need to be trimmed back to allow for healthy new growth and to prevent damage to your property.

Pruning your shrubs and trees are also a huge part of keeping up with your landscape. In order to keep a neat and pristine look, you need to trim back any branches that are longer and pay close attention to holes in your shrubs. Research fertilizer for each of your trees and shrubs, it will help prevent diseases, insect infestations, and will also encourage growth. 

2. Feed Your Lawn 

Just like your shrubs, fertilizing your lawn is very important to promote healthy and vibrant green grass. Performing a soil test can help you determine exactly what your lawn is lacking or oversaturated in. 

Since fertilizers are not a one size fits all treatment it is important to know the details of what is below your lawn. Hiring a professional can help to alleviate all the guesswork and help you to find the right fertilizer for your lawn.  

3. Consider Adding Mulch 

There are many reasons you should consider adding or reapplying mulch to your landscape. Mulch is available in all types of forms and colors and as it decomposes adds nutrients and compliments the existing soil. Mulch adds beauty to your outdoor space along with helping to prevent new weed growth. 

While it doesn’t prevent weeds altogether it acts as a barrier to new seeds falling into the soil and taking root. Mulch is also a temperature regulator, keeping the soil and plants cool in the summer months and helping to retain heat in the winter. If you live on a slope or have shrubs or trees on hills it also helps to prevent erosion.

4. Inspect Your Sprinkler System

Once you have put in the work to beautify your lawn and garden you will want to make sure that you can keep it up with the proper irrigation system. If you already have one check to make sure it is still working as it should. 

You want to make sure that each area of your yard is getting the right amount of water. Any changes in your landscape from last year can cause over or under-watering.

5. Maintenance Your Lawnmower

Keeping up with maintenance on your lawnmower and other lawn care equipment is vital to keeping up with your yard throughout the year. Overgrown lawns and gardens are at risk for pest problems and disease. They are harder to maintain when they are not regularly kept.

If you still have your manual pull it out and take a look at the maintenance schedule. If you no longer have it you can find a digital manual online by just searching for your specific equipment. Make sure you are changing any oil, cleaning filters, and lubricating necessary parts to extend the life of your equipment. 

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