Ways to Have a Green Lawn Your NJ Neighbors Will Admire

The grass might not be greener on the other side of the fence but you want it to be. A lush lawn in an emerald hue instantly boosts the curb appeal of your home. Plus, it feels soft under bare feet. Discover a few simple ways to have a green lawn your NJ neighbors will admire.

have a green lawnGrass Needs Water

Like any living thing, grass needs water to survive and thrive. Watering depth and frequency depends on your soil and the current weather conditions. Keep in mind you should water the grass long enough to get four to six inches deep. The water must reach the roots to grow the thick, healthy lawn you want.

Eliminate the Weeds

Each weed control product differs based on the ingredients and what it does for your lawn. Always read the instructions before applying it. Most need to be used in specific temperatures. The product will not work if the weather is too cold or hot. And try to apply it when there is no rain.

Test the Soil

Grass thrives when the soil is at the proper pH level. Test the soil to determine if the pH level is right. Consult with a local landscaper to learn more about soil testing and the proper levels to achieve greener grass. A pro knows what it takes to correct the problem for an enviable lawn.

Know the Local Pests

Insects, rodents, and critters have a negative impact on your lawn and plants. Get to know the local pests and how to control them. Each person has a way to get rid of this varmints. Some do it naturally while others use certain chemical products. Work with a local expert to find out the most effective ways to get rid of pests without hurting your lawn.

Target the Weeds

Applying weed killers to your entire lawn can become too much for the grass to survive. Consider targeting weeds in the areas where they tend to grow. Use a spray bottle to get rid of them in these spaces so they don’t spread throughout your lawn. And this is a way to get rid of unsightly weeds that push through the cracks in cement and other areas.

Fill in the Gaps

From putting up a temporary swimming pool to kids running in a specific area, there are many reasons why the lawn gets sparse. Fill in the gaps by putting down quality grass seed. The best time to reseed is the late summer and early fall when the weather is cooler.

Sharpen the Mower Blades

Using dull lawn mower blades will quickly destroy the appearance of your lawn. A dull blade tends to make your lawn turn brown rather than green. And that’s the shade everyone definitely doesn’t want! The right equipment makes a difference. Check the lawn mower blades before you start cutting the grass.

Let the Clippings Fall Where They May

Often people want a tidy lawn with no clippings left behind. But these people are missing out on the benefits of just letting the clippings fall where they may. When you leave the clippings, they add essential nutrients to the soil that enrich your lawn. And the result is the greener grass you always wanted.

A beautiful lawn requires care and attention but it is worth the effort. Enhances the appearance of your lawn with flowering gardens and hardscapes. Work with a reputable local landscaper who will help you have an eye-catching lawn and appealing landscape design throughout all the seasons of the year.

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