Welcome To Paradise: NJ Summer Landscaping & Lawn Care Ideas

Even though summer is halfway over, there is still plenty of time to turn your lawn into a miniature paradise, perfect for relaxing on and having fun under the sun for the rest of the summer. You’ve endured months of leaves piling up on your lawn in the fall, months of snow hiding your lawn, and then spring, when it’s not quite warm yet and pollen is everywhere, and now that it’s summer, you can finally clean up your lawn and give it the look you’ve always wanted. It’s your lawn after all, why not enjoy it? But where to start? There are plenty of great ideas for NJ landscaping and lawn care that you can do to turn your lawn into the perfect outdoor summer oasis.

flowerTidy Up the Lawn

First, you should always tidy up your lawn. During spring, it’s easy for the lawn to get messy now that temperatures are warming up and everything is growing and blooming, and this can get even worse as temperatures only rise in the early summer months.

Mow and Get Rid of Weeds

Regularly mow your lawn to keep the grass short and tidy. A lawn that looks like a jungle is a lawn that never looks good. Regularly manicured lawns, on the other hand, will always look cleaner, fresher, and more appealing, and they will make any garden of flowers shine. Also, regularly eliminate any weeds or pests in your lawn as soon as you spot them. When noticing the weeds and pests early on is really the best method. Since ignoring or forgetting to check their presence will only make them grow and fester, worsening the problem as time goes on and making it harder and harder to fix it.

>Invest in Irrigation

Another smart landscaping and lawn care method for the summertime is irrigation. It should go without saying that lawns and gardens need regular water in order to replenish and thrive.

Water for a Lush Garden and Plants

This is especially true during the height of summer when temperatures can be anywhere between the eighties and the nineties in New Jersey, and the air can be so hot and dry and lacking in moisture for plants to take in. Regularly water your flower gardens with watering cans so that they do not dry up, wither, and die, and regularly freshen up your lawn with a hose so that your grass doesn’t turn brown and dry as well. Keep your lawn and gardens healthy and green with regular doses of nice cool water to stave off the dry heat of late summer.

An Irrigation Systems Makes a Difference

But irrigation can be so much more than just watering your lawns and gardens with a watering can and hose. Lawn irrigation systems, set up by professional landscaping artists and lawn care specialists, can provide the perfect balance of water usage and treatment for your lawn, taking any guesswork out of just watering your lawn and gardens with a hose and hoping the grass and plants are getting the amount they need to not just survive but thrive in the dry summer heat. Installation of high-quality water irrigation systems by a professional landscape artist or lawn care specialist ensures that your lawn is getting the proper hydration it needs to stay fresh, green, healthy, strong, and, of course, beautiful and clean for the long, hot, and dry summer days ahead.

Add Beauty to the Yard

Of course, having gardens of lush, colorful, and blooming flowers near fences, paths and walkways, porches, and other places where people will see or congregate is an easy and surefire way to make your lawn look even more beautiful than ever, especially in the summertime when the sun is out nearly every day and people are usually outside enjoying it.

Pretty Summer Flowers

There are plenty of summer flowers indigenous to the state of New Jersey that, when planted early in the late spring months, will bloom in the height of summer, making your garden look spectacular and inviting. These kinds of flowers are called “bulb flowers”, which require cooler temperatures to bloom in order to thrive in the hot summer days. Bulb flowers perfect for your New Jersey summer garden include cannas, callas, “glads”, begonias, tuberoses, dahlias, caladiums, elephant ears, pineapple lilies, nerines, crocosmia, and finally gloriosa. These are all lovely and beautiful flowers that will thrive in the height of summer in places like New Jersey, and that will make sitting on your porch with a cool glass of lemonade on a lazy summer afternoon even more appealing and relaxing.

Choose a premier landscaping and lawn care service for everything from general landscaping to landscape design, from spring and fall cleanup to irrigation.

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