What Is The Best Ice Melt For Snow and Ice?

What Is The Best Ice Melt For Snow and Ice?

Dropping temperatures mean winter is here. Winter arrival brings snow flurries, and that also means ice. When temperatures drop below freezing, melting water quickly turns into ice. The last thing you want is an ice build-up around your house. Sprinkling an ice melt on your driveway or other icy areas can help make things less slippery. Here’s a look at some of the best ice melts for snow and ice.

What is Ice Melt?

Ice melt is a product that contains a chemical combination, which melts snow and ice. You can pour it over areas before the snow hits. Many people apply ice melt both before and after snowstorms. It lowers the water’s freezing point which changes ice into slush. This process makes snow and ice removal easier. 

Top Ice Melts For Snow and Ice

Snow Joe Melt-2 Go

This ice melter is environmentally friendly since it’s made with naturally-sourced ingredients. These ingredients are safe for children and pets. Snow Joe Melt-2 Go is also gentle on your concrete and won’t erode surfaces. If you know severe weather is coming you can apply this ahead of time. The best news is that you can even use it on your grass landscaping. 

Snow Joe Melt Calcium Chloride

Snow Joe also offers ice melt in pellet form. Similar to Snow Joe Melt-2 Go, this option is safe on all surfaces. It quickly works to melt ice and snow in subzero temperatures. The pellets draw moisture from the air and create heat for quick thawing. 

ECOS Ice Melt Compound

Much like the Snow Joe brands, ECOS offers ice melt that has safe ingredients. It’s also easy on your wallet. A combination of magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium chloride work to break down thick layers of snow and ice.  

Prestone Driveway Heat Concentrated Ice Melter 

This ice melter is best for use on driveways. It also comes in pellet form which makes it easy for applying to your driveway. The sodium chloride crystals draw moisture out faster than using rock salt or table salt from your cupboard. It’s also inexpensive and you can find it at most hardware stores.

Roofmelt Ice Melt

If you live in an area with a lot of snow, chances are you’ve experienced climbing on your roof. Removing and scraping snow from your roof takes time, and it’s also dangerous. That’s where ice melts for your roof are helpful. Applying Roofmelt Ice Melt to your roof before it snows can prevent the dreaded climb. 

You can apply a few tablets by tossing them up on the roof. You don’t even need to climb up there. The tablets will cut through ice and snow and protect your roof from damage.

Safe Paw Coated Non-Salt Ice Melter

Some people prefer to use non-salt ice melter since they are free from sodium chloride. This option is one of the safest options if you own pets. It’s very safe for children and pets and won’t irritate your skin. It works very quickly and effectively to break through ice barriers.

Which Ice Melt Should You Choose?

There are many choices for ice melts on the market. Many of these products work safely and quickly to clear away ice and keep your landscape safe. When selecting the right product, choose one that best meets your needs. This will also depend on the weather in your area and the size of your property. 

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