Why Commercial Snow and Ice Removal is Important

Why Commercial Snow and Ice Removal is Important

Do you live in an area that experiences harsh winter climates? If you live in Allendale, New Jersey, or surrounding areas, you understand the importance of preparing your commercial area for such weather. The biggest mistake you can make is not planning ahead and waiting until the last minute to schedule your commercial snow removal services in the New Jersey area. Planning accordingly on snow removal and snow plowing services will significantly benefit the experience of your customers in various ways. If you need snow plowing or snow removal services in New Jersey, let us take care of your needs.

Why is Commercial Snow Removal and Ice Management Important?

As a business owner, there are many ways you can promote safety and care to your business that communicates to your customer. Below are several reasons hiring a commercial snow removal company can benefit your business.

It Communicates to Your Customers That You Pay Attention

Making sure your walkways and parking lots are free of ice and snow tells your customers that you’re serious about your business. Not only do you value your customers feeling welcome and safe, but you also care about the appearance of your business.  When you neglect to shovel your parking lots, sidewalks, or other areas that collect snow, it gives an appearance of neglect or lack of care which could deter customers who may think your business is either closed or abandoned for the winter, which is bad for you.   

Snow Removal and Ice Management Shows That Safety is Important to You 

Taking care of your business goes beyond just keeping up a professional appearance.  You should also be concerned with the safety of your customers and your workers.  Neglecting to plow and shovel can open up the possibilities for a variety of accidents such as trips, slips, or vehicles getting stuck in unplowed parking lots.  When you clear out the snow and lay down salt, you melt snow faster and create more friction for safer walking and driving conditions.   

Snow Removal Creates an Easy Entry and Exit for Your Business 

We’ve already discussed the importance of appearance and safety, but the ease of access is also a very important feature for your business.  Your customers and employees should be able to come and go from your business with as much simplicity as possible.  Huge piles of snow or slick ice in front of your doors and not an inviting appearance and customers will be less likely to come inside when they see that. Keeping your walkways free of snow by shoveling them as well as putting down ice to increase melting and friction will create ease of access and will not deter customers or force them to walk through deep piles of snow. 

Snow Removal Eliminates the Mess 

Snow can have its downsides, but one of the biggest deterrents to foot traffic during the winter is the slush. The more snow your customers trudge through, the more watery mess they are going to drag inside. In addition to giving a messy unsightly appearance, this also creates slip hazards right at the entrance of your business or as they pull into the parking lot. It is understandably impossible to eliminate all the moisture from making its way onto your business floors, but using strong fans is a great way to stop it from puddling up in front of your doors. 

Using a commercial snow removal company can greatly mitigate this issue for you.  When you decrease the amount of snow and slush your customers have to walk through, you naturally decrease the amount of mess they are going to track inside. Along with proper ice management, reducing moisture and mess outside your business will reduce the amount that can be tracked inside. You also decrease your risks of slips occurring within your store, and your New Jersey business will be more likely to stay free of the dirty watery mess that comes behind tracked in snowy slush.

Get Prepared and Call Us Today 

Let’s face it, winter is inevitable and so are the snowy cold conditions. Snow plowing and ice management in New Jersey can be necessary often, especially for commercial properties where tidiness and cleanliness are important. Let us help you keep your business looking professional and appealing, and ensure that your commercial clients and your staff are safe during these frigid cold months.  Call us today and let the professionals at Chris James Landscaping take care of all your commercial snow removal services.