Best Winter Flowers For Commercial Landscaping

Best Winter Flowers For Commercial Landscaping

Landscaping for your business is essential. It is the first thing that patriots see and who doesn’t want to make a good first impression? The impression made when a person first walks by or walks through your place of business should not be compromised during the winter season. 

Chris James Landscaping is here to help you with your commercial landscaping throughout all 4 seasons that are seen in Hohokus, NJ, and the surrounding areas. The beauty of your outdoor areas should not be compromised just because it is winter. 

What Should I Plant In The Winter Season? 

The climate plays a role in what plants are used, especially in New Jersey where there are four seasons. So you are having to change your landscape 4 times a year. With keeping that in mind and the colder months approaching. It is time to start planning for your outdoor commercial spaces. 

There are several options that you can consider. When it comes to figuring out what to plant that will sustain the cold weather and snow. Here are the best winter flowers that you can add to keep your commercial space looking inviting and full of color. 

Pansies and Violas

Pansies have the ability to withstand the cold temperatures of the winter. Also they have the ability to bounce back after it has snowed. They tend to be the most popular choice for winter flowers when it comes to designing landscapes. 

Violas are another option that is great for the winter season. They are regarded as a cousin to the pansy. They are smaller than pansies, low maintenance, and do far better in longer cold snaps than pansies. 


Snapdragons are great for adding a border around outdoor areas. They do better in milder winters and tend to struggle if the weather is too cold. They are likely to bloom again in the springtime. 

Winter Jasmine

Winter Jasmine is great for adding a pop of color with its yellow flowers. If you are looking to keep some vibrant color throughout the winter months. 

Winter Daphne Odora

Winter Daphne Odora is an evergreen shrub that blooms towards the end of winter. Fairs very well throughout the season and also lets off a sweet fragrance to be enjoyed. 

Hellebore and Holly 

Hellebore and Holly are great alternatives to boxwoods for the colder seasons. They allow for greenery to continue to be present in your commercial landscaping. These plants are very resilient and bounce back with a little warm sunshine after snowfalls, especially the hellebore. 


Camellias start to bloom around late November and well into March. This shrub can handle cold temperatures. Also itomes in a variety of colors so you will still have some great color during the winter months. 

Many of these options tend to last well into the springtime while withstanding the cold and frigid winters here in New Jersey. 

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