Winter Landscaping Tips for New Jersey Commercial Properties

Winter Landscaping Tips for New Jersey Commercial Properties

Maintaining attractive landscaping is as important for business properties as it is for residential ones. Generally, business managers of properties invest a considerable amount of money into their landscaping in an effort to beautify their properties, so they want to get more than a single season out of their flora and fauna. Good property managers also know how important maintaining the landscaping is for retaining commercial tenants as well as attracting new ones. But it doesn’t have to be handled alone. If you’re looking into commercial landscaping maintenance companies near you in the Mahwah, Oakland, Paramus, or Fairlawn areas, Chris James Landscaping can help! Our commercial landscape maintenance services are built for the rough New Jersey winters.

It can be challenging to maintain landscaping on commercial business properties through the harsh months of a New Jersey winter, but following these guidelines will help commercial property managers stay on top of their landscaping needs and have beautiful grounds all winter and into the spring.

Grassy Areas

Grassy areas should not be trimmed too short. Keeping the grass a bit on the long side will help to reduce brown dead spots during the winter months. The grass can be cut short during the final mowing of the winter. Another way to prevent brown spots from emerging is to remove dead leaves from the grass to allow exposure to the fresh air. As a property owner, this task typically falls on you or your commercial landscape maintenance company. Chris James can help.


At the end of winter when the grass is cut short, a layer of fertilizer should be laid. The fertilizer that is used should be high in phosphorus and potassium to help put the nutrients back into the soil. This will stimulate the roots of the grass and give it a strong foundation for the spring. If you need a commercial landscaper to take care of this for you, we can help.

Winter Flowers

Wintertime in New Jersey can be drab and dreary. So, commercial properties should consider planting some flowers, shrubs, and trees that bloom in the winter to brighten up their landscaping. Some good options include winterberry holly, Rosa Virginiana, conifers, dogwood, and running euonymus to name a few. Our commercial lawn maintenance team can help!

Pruning and Wrapping

In order to protect the monetary investment commercial property management companies put into their landscaping, it is crucial that landscape elements that might be harmed by the winter weather be pruned and wrapped. Bare plant branches can easily break from the weight of the snow and ice. Pruning the plant branches back at the beginning of winter can help to prevent this from happening. Some more delicate landscaping that might not survive the effects of the cold temperatures and elements should be wrapped in burlap sacks and tied with twine to prevent any damage. This will help your landscaping better survive through the winter, and help jumpstart your business exterior looks come spring.

Eliminate Weeds, Disease, and Pests

The dormant winter months are a great time for business properties to schedule commercial lawn care services to rid any problems that can plague landscaping. Any weeds that are found should be removed. Also, diseased trees and shrubs should be treated or removed. This will help to maintain the long-term health of the entire landscaped area. There is always a possibility of the presence of insects, even if they cannot be seen. Property managers should consider having a preemptive bug extermination spray at the outset of winter. Chris James and our commercial landscaping services can help!

Sprinkler System

Before the cold New Jersey weather hits, it is important for property managers to assure the commercial property is ready for it. One of the most important steps to take is drain and blow out the pipes in the sprinkler system. This is an important step because burst pipes on the property can cause innumerable lawn care problems and be quite costly to fix.

Hardscape Maintenance

Many commercial properties have rock work and concrete structures to add beauty and interest to their landscaping. Winter is a good time to perform some maintenance on these structures. Before the harshest weather hits, any cracks and holes should be sealed so ice does not get into them and degrade the stonework. Winter is also a good time to replace any hardscape pieces that are either no longer functional or are not repairable. Properties that don’t already have hardscapes might want to think about adding some to their landscaping in the winter. Our commercial landscape maintenance services can help!

Snow and Ice Removal

Perhaps the paramount responsibility of winter landscaping for commercial properties is the removal of snow and ice. Not only is the accumulation of fallen snow unsightly, it can also be quite dangerous. Neglecting to remove the snow from the premises can easily result in car accidents in the parking lot or falls on sidewalks. It is important that commercial property managers take into consideration the time and effort it will require to remove snow in a timely fashion after it has fallen. Also, it should be noted that snow plowing is not complete until the snow has been removed from the premises. Icy parking lots and walkways also need to be salted or sanded to prevent falls by pedestrians on the property.

Landscaping services can add beauty, personality, and functionality to a commercial property. In order to assure the health and longevity of commercial landscaping in New Jersey, it is crucial that proper care and commercial lawn maintenance is performed in the winter as well as the other seasons of the year. If you’re needing commercial landscaping maintenance companies near you, Chris James Landscaping can take care of all your commercial landscape maintenance needs!

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