3 Ways That I Can Keep My Yard Looking Nice During The Winter

3 Ways That I Can Keep My Yard Looking Nice During The Winter

It’s winter and cold in New Jersey, and you’re going inside for the season. Despite what you may think, your winter landscape in New Jersey can be beautiful and attention-getting. Charles James Landscaping in Bergen County is skilled and knowledgeable and can help. 

Build Structure With Trees And Shrubs

There are trees and shrubs that offer colorful displays in the months between their loss of foliage and spring regrowth. Some trees and shrubs show their best form and color in winter.  Among those is the red twig dogwood which is hardy in zones 3-8 and displays beautiful red branches in the winter.

Winter Jasmine will produce beautiful white blossoms with the first warm day in January and lose them quickly. However, it will bloom off and on with warm days until March peaking in February. Holly is a winter landscape staple we are all familiar with, providing evergreen foliage and bright berries for additional color.

Using lights on the barren structure of winter trees also adds another level of interest. Proper pruning can help provide support and shape for the winter landscape.

Flowers Are Blooming In The Winter

Working with a knowledgeable landscaper, you can plant a selection of shrubs and flowers that will provide blooms from September through February. The following list contains only a few possibilities. Winter pansies and violas bloom through the winter in bright colors providing a stark contrast to the winter snow. These flowers come in a tremendous assortment and combinations of color to brighten your landscape in the winter.

Hellebores, known as lenten roses, bloom February through May in New Jersey. They provide relief to the winter blues with their evergreen leaves and assorted colors. The American Witch Hazel shrub is winter blooming in New jersey. It is deer resistant and produces yellow leaves in the fall and cream to yellow blooms September through December.

Get Ready For Spring

This is a time to check with a landscaper. Late fall and winter are the time to prepare for a stunning landscape in the spring.  It’s time to clean up fallen limbs, get rid of garden debris, and clean flower pots in preparation for filling again. Look for and eliminate hiding places of insects and other pests in your landscape. Clean perennial beds and prep for annuals.

Check out the irrigation system before you need it. If you do not use a rain barrel as part of your plan for watering consider introducing one. It’s time for soil preparation. Remove weeds and unwanted growth. Be sure not to work the soil while it is saturated from snow and spring rains. When the time is right, break up the soil and add nutrients to the.

If you’ve been perusing nursery catalogs, at the correct time, place your order for old favorites and those new plants you want to try. If you are working with a knowledgeable landscaper, they will be able to help you decide what will work best for you.

Hire A Landscaping Company

Are you looking for qualified professionals to establish and maintain your landscaping? Is maintaining your property a personal hobby you enjoy? If so, it is still helpful to access the knowledge, skills, and equipment of a professional. A good landscaper will listen to you and work with you to establish the look you want.

Chris James Landscaping located in Bergen County, New Jersey, can help you create the look you want through all seasons. If you so desire they are also able to maintain your landscaping year-round. Please contact us for your landscaping needs.