How To Use Lighting To Showcase Your Lawn

How To Use Lighting To Showcase Your Lawn

During the spring and summer months, it is a popular time to do updating to your lawn. Adding some lighting can really be what you need to bring your yard to life. From spotlights to LED string lights, there are many different approaches you can take. 

The perfect summer nights are spent outside. Most likely on a back deck, patio, or backyard. Why not bring some life to all these areas with some awesome lighting? Make it an area you can’t wait to hang out at. The staff at Chris James Landscaping would be happy to help you with all your lighting needs.  

Adding Lights to Your Yard Walkways

A good place to start when you are looking to add some lights to your yard is your walkways. It is actually a very simple and easy place to start. Using solar power lights will give just a simple glow, or you can go for the corded options there are too. 

Solar power lighting is probably the simplest of all the options there are. These lights are not going to be as bright as LED or corded lights. But, it can add just the right amount of light to give it a subtle path for you to follow. You would need to decide whether you want a brighter option like LED lighting or just a glow to your walkways.

Accent Special Areas of Your Yard

Accent lighting is great for pretty trees in your yard, or even a flower bed. You can use ground lights or floodlights for this. The ground lights would be sitting more close to the plants and the floodlights would be aiming down from the house. Either are a great option to consider for your trees, garden beds, or even flag poles.

Lighting is a really fun thing to play within your yard. It can really take your area from boring to fun in no time. Choosing from LED, solar power, or corded. The options are endless. It would just depend on the area for which option would work the best.

Lighting For Patios and Decks

Sitting out on your patio or deck on a nice summer night is always enjoyable. Just think of how much more enjoyable that would be with some LED string lights or lanterns. There are many different ways you can hang these lights too.

LED string lights can be hung following deck railing or even from a pole set in cement. Hanging them in a swoop zigzagged above would be an awesome look for a patio or deck. The setting for a relaxing and fun night.

A lot of times decks and patios don’t have regular lighting on them. Using string lights would add just enough light. It would be a simple option that also gives a great look that you will love. Getting a great atmosphere and some usable lighten all at the same time. 

Lantern lighting would be great for tabletops or even sitting around a fire pit on your back patio. It can set a great atmosphere for a favorite spot in your yard. These are a very versatile option to use because they are easy to move and use wherever needed. 

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