5 Landscaping Ideas That Can Add Major Curbside Appeal

5 Landscaping Ideas That Can Add Major Curbside Appeal

Your landscape is just as important as every other part of your home! In fact, taking care of your yard could greatly boost the property value of your house. That’s right. You can improve the curb appeal by landscaping your lawn and around your home’s exterior. Here are five great curb appeal landscaping ideas that can add some major curbside appeal to your home.

1. Rock Features

You should consider adding rock features to your front or back yard for several different reasons. First and foremost, it can make maintenance much easier. Instead of having to worry about grass or soil, you only need to worry about rocks, which don’t need watering or care. Rocks can also serve functional purposes. 

For example, rocks can act as a spillway for your rain gutters, keeping the area from getting too muddy. Some of these landscaping ideas can be incredibly cost-efficient and provide an appealing pace change from the rest of your yard. 

2. Lighting

What’s the point of having an awesome yard if you don’t show it off? A good landscape design could involve adding lighting that allows you to show off formations, plants, and decorations. Just like with rock features, lighting also provides some functionality. 

If you return to your home at night, it can be difficult to see what’s going on. While lighting won’t illuminate your house, it will be bright enough that you can watch your step. You can also upgrade to standout features like lanterns, lighting that recesses into a walkway, or even faux rocks with integrated lights that seamlessly blend into the landscaping

3. Add Colorful Plants

One of the best ways to maximize your home’s curb appeal is by adding colorful plants and seasonal plants. These are enhancements that will make your front yard pop. Adding an annual installation is one of the easiest ways to achieve this. Seasonal annuals are a good way to add color and wow to your landscape. 

However, it’s important to note that you only get that pop if you do it properly. If you don’t install the plants properly, they can look messy and detract from the overall look. Landscaping professionals will think about important factors like color, spacing, and bloom time. 

4. Proper Edging

Having beautiful flower beds can help increase the appeal of your landscape. You can maximize the flower bed with proper edging. The clear delineation between the lawn and the plant beds can help them look neat and tidy. 

When trying to increase curb appeal through landscaping and edging around the house, there are several different ways you can creatively do this. You can even add some river rock to create a unique edge around your beds. If your flower beds aren’t properly edged, they can look messy. It can even be difficult to differentiate between your lawn and the bed. 

5. Mulching

Adding fresh mulch can be a cost-efficient option to help boost the curb appeal of your home and the health of your lawn. This is especially useful for yards in warmer climates, as they can protect plants and trees from the heat. Mulch does a great job retaining moisture. They can also suppress unsightly weeds. 

Perhaps the best part about mulching is that it’s cheap and can be easy to do yourself. Consider your mulching if you live in an extreme climate. 

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