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Commercial Landscaping Services in Allendale, NJ

Chris James Landscaping is a locally owned business that has provided full-service landscaping since 1981. We specialize in commercial and condominium landscaping. Please reach out to our office to learn more about our services. 

We Offer Full-Service Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping Services in Allendale, NJ

Are you looking to upgrade your outdoor space to provide a welcoming first impression to your customers? Chris James Landscaping is one of the top commercial landscaping businesses in the area and can provide you with curb appeal for your business. Here is a list of outdoor services that could benefit the exterior look of your business. 

  • Shrub and small tree pruning
  • Mulching 
  • Seasonal landscaping for summer, spring, and winter
  • Landscaping design and construction
  • Low Voltage Lighting installation and repair
  • Masonry to include dry lay walks, walls, and stairs
  • Grounds management for every season
  • Lawn care management and emergency lawn maintenance services

For more information about the services we render, contact our office today.

We Serve People Who Live In Allendale, NJ

Our company is happy to serve Allendale, NJ, and the surrounding areas. Let our team of contractors show you why we have won state and national awards for our landscaping services. Allendale is a small borough in Bergen County with a population of 6,800. This area is known for its farmland and beautiful scenery.

Commonly Asked Questions About Commercial Landscaping Services

We often receive questions from our customers about the process of getting commercial landscaping. Here are some of our commonly asked questions. 

Can I pick the design, or will you choose something for me?

We aim to provide beautiful landscaping that will fulfill your vision and add value to your business. Our team will include you in the design and construction process before beginning any work on your property. If you are still determining what you want, we will use our experience to guide you through every step of the way.  

Will landscaping add value to my business?

Absolutely! Curb appeal could be what you need to improve your business. Properties with beautiful landscaping will leave a great first impression on your new customers or even on the potential recruits you want to hire. 

Contact Our Office Today For A Free Quote

Chris James Landscaping offers everyone a free quote on commercial landscaping. You can call our office at 201-670-9000 to learn more about our services. We look forward to helping you with your journey to improve your business.