Benefits of Scheduling a Spring Cleanup in New Jersey

Spring provides many opportunities for rejuvenation and restoration. There’s no better place to start than in your yard. During the cold weather and short days of winter, you mostly focus on just making sure your plants survive. It is important that the cold doesn’t damage your landscaping. Even in these cold months, you can actually start working on making changes in the spring.spring cleanup

These updates should align with your goals for the upcoming year. Are you planning a summer landscaping renovation or simply taking stock of the current condition of your yard? The one place that you have to start: spring cleaning. A spring cleanup is one of the most beneficial steps you can take to ensure that your yard looks as you want it. This work helps all of your plants stay healthy throughout the upcoming summer and fall. During a spring cleanup, work is done to keep your lawn healthy and your landscaping looking its best.

Sticks, Leaves, and Debris

Spring cleaning entails combing through your garden to clean out leaves and sticks that dropped there. Some stuff may get caught in trees and bushes during the winter. Heavy storms can blow around lots of debris that you don’t expect. And you might not even notice that it’s there until the snow melts.

Keeping it safe

Clearing these items out ensures that the debris doesn’t hamper your plants under a layer of rubble. Your spring blooms now have the full opportunity to grow during the spring season when they no longer need natural insulation from cold winter weather. Plus, clearing out debris is also a safety issue. Branches could potentially fall on your head or scratch you while you’re working in your yard.


Another spring cleaning step involves pruning your shrubs of any winter injuries. Include dead or damaged branches that can continue to hurt the plant if they are left untreated. Plus, these usually do not look as aesthetically pleasing as well-pruned plants.

Create clear lines

Create clear lines between your flower beds and your turf. This process is referred to as spade edging. Such efforts can improve the overall look of your landscaping as well as brings down mulch to create a nice transition zone.


To get your lawn ready for spring, de-thatch your entire yard. Clear the turf of a lower layer of dead grass, known as thatch. This thatch may have accumulated over the past few months.

Grab a rake

You can do this by using a rake. Getting rid of thatch allows the grass to absorb fertilizer and water. As a result, plants grow new shoots more efficiently. Also take this time to mow your lawn thoroughly, if needed, and have it looking neat and well-kept for spring!

Wooded Areas

Clean up the buffer zone if wooded areas are present on your property. Many pieces of debris, such as large branches and even dead tree trunks, can litter this area.

Enhance growth

Make sure that none of these items impede the growth of your lawn or damage any other areas of your landscaping. Everything should look entirely presentable and not filled with dead leaves or branches from the winter. Just take a leaf blower and make a sweep of your hardscapes present around your yard. You can do this or hire someone to do it for you.


You might choose to repair or update your lawn irrigation system, which may face damage after an extended New Jersey winter. Frozen irrigation pipes may lead to maintenance issues. It is important if you need your irrigation system to keep your lawn green throughout the spring and into the summer. Also, you don’t want to pay an inflated water bill due to an inefficient irrigation system.

Call in a pro

Make sure that you call in an expert who can evaluate your irrigation system for you and figure out if it needs repairs. This also applies if you decide that you want to install an irrigation system. A new irrigation system boosts your new grass or layout of your lawn in the spring. Once you get your lawn and garden the way you like it, watering keeps everything looking beautiful.

Finally, spring cleanup allows you an opportunity to set the tone for future landscaping. Plus, you get an overall feel for your yard, and you can design something new for spring. If you want to change things up, this is a good time to sit down and map out what you’re planning to do. A landscape design professional can help make your dreams a reality. In conclusion, a few changes can transform your yard into a welcoming outdoor oasis.

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