The Perfect Landscaping Gifts for Garden Enthusiasts

As the temperatures turn colder and snowflakes fall over New Jersey, gift ideas for the gardening enthusiast wither away like the leaves on your oak tree. After all, who wants to open a gift that can’t be used until spring? Fortunately, you can honor those with a green thumb year round, no matter what the weather does outside. The perfect landscaping gifts give a nod to New Jersey’s changing climate and celebrate garden lovers. Some ideas take advantage of the colder, darker days while others bring the joy inside. Review list below to find several perfect landscaping gifts to give this holiday season.

landscaping giftsGarden Items

Gardening items are a great gift for people who enjoy maintaining a great yard and appreciate doing ongoing maintenance.

Rose gardening gloves

Extra long gardening gloves protect hands and arms from thorns and poisonous plants. These vibrant colored, breathable and sturdy gardener’s dream gloves are the highlight any gift-giving occasion. Perfect for winter prunings, snipping a few sprigs of boxwood or guarding skin against poison vine oils even in these cold months, these gloves are sure to be a favorite.

Whimsical watering can

A brightly colored or beautifully decorated watering can inspire dreams of spring even when nurturing indoor plants. In stark contrast to the gray skies of winter, this gift is sure to delight any gardener.

Gathering basket

While fall boasts as the season of gathering, winter leads to the collection of pine cones, holly branches, evergreen trimmings and boxwood sprigs. A unique gathering basket proves the perfect gift for gardeners. Plus, it looks festive on the kitchen table filled with a homeowner’s favorite holiday trimmings.

Elevated planters

While decks and porches graced by standing planters sing of spring, any variety of gardening vessel filled with cold weather varieties celebrate the winter season, Evergreens, winter pansies, and hollies create vibrancy against the white backdrop of snow.

Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lighting adds to the safety at any home and gives gardens and gathering spaces an added glow.

Solar fixtures

Solar lights along the front path or leading up the driveway add ambiance and safety to darkened days. Consider a lantern or nontraditional fixture to greet guests on porch steps. Even in the winter months, solar power saves energy and your gift giving dilemmas.


Solar- or candle-powered luminaries speak boldly of the holiday season and warmly welcome guests. With so many modern designs to choose from, you are sure to find one to please the gardener on your list.

Holiday lighting

A drive down the street reveals a festival of lights during this season. Gift your favorite plant lover with lighted nets to illuminate bushes after dark or an illuminated standing nativity or Santa to welcome guests and greet passersby.

Seasonal Plants

Seasonal plants are a perfect way to celebrate the holiday season and make a gardener feel happy.

Potted Christmas tree

Perfectly suited for the front porch this season, potted evergreens bring holiday cheer to the gardener’s home. Plus, with proper care, the tree moves to the yard in the spring for an enduring memory.


Traditional and beautiful, poinsettias are sure to delight plant lovers. Be careful because these plants are poisonous to pets, so some homeowners may not want these indoor plants.

Holly bush

Donning a variety of leaf shapes, colors, and berries, holly bushes add brilliance to a stark landscape. Gifting horticulture lovers with a holly bush promises year-round giving.

Indoor Gardens

Consider the benefits of a gardener having an indoor garden to tend while the weather outside is frigid.


For friends far away, these greeting cards pop up into buildings which sprout mini-gardens when watered. Check them out for a fun twist on traditional holiday mailings.

Indoor herb garden

With warm holiday smells wafting from the kitchen, your special gardener is sure to keep his or her green thumb in practice with an indoor herb garden. Consider the ingredients commonly used in the recipient’s cuisine to choose plants that hit the mark.


In the safe warmth of a terrarium, plants remain insulated from the chill of winter and thrive. Giving a gardener a view of spring, consider terrariums filled with moss and leafy green plants. Consider violets that sit on the table, hang from above or sit on the floor in a larger container.

Garden accessories

Plant stands, sweet birdhouses and garden signs find their place in home decor until spring weather calls them outside. Even stepping stones, especially if made by hand, might find a display area indoors.

Landscaping Services

Landscaping services are the ultimate gift for gardeners. Even the most seasoned gardener is sure to welcome a helping hand to make their surroundings even more beautiful.

Holiday lighting

While many enjoy the festival of lights as they drive the neighborhood, time constraints, health or age may stand in the way of being included in the celebration. Some landscape companies offer holiday light decorating services or outdoor lighting to improve the safety of the yard during dark winter nights. Consider giving the gift of an illuminated home.

Spring readiness

While the rays of spring sunshine might seem far away, many gardeners would love a jump start on yard maintenance in colder months. Gift him or her with landscaping services to make the grass and garden an easy to maintain oasis next spring.

Gardening enthusiasts need not leave their passions to the warmer months. You would be wise to take advantage of these great opportunities, not to mention lower prices, to gift your favorite gardener with the perfect landscaping gift this season. Now, how do you choose just one?

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