How Can I Prepare My Lawn For Snow?

How Can I Prepare My Lawn For Snow?

Preparing your lawn for snow in New Jersey winter months can be a stressful time. While you may not think that you need to do that much work since your grass and flowers are growing, there is plenty that you need to do. Preparing your lawn for snow can help you get the most out of your lawn when spring rolls back around. Here are some ways that you can prepare for the winter months. 

Know When to Mow

This is very important and you can apply this line of thinking to the summer months and really any part of the year. It’s important that you don’t mow too often or too short because you can scorch your lawn. Even though the grass isn’t growing as much as it does during the spring or summer months, you still need to grow grass during the winter. 

In the fall, you should mow your grass every 10 to 14 days until all of the leaves have fallen. This will make sure leaves don’t smother the lawn and keep it at a healthy length to prepare for winter. Check the minimum recommended length for the type of grass you have, but a good general length to prepare the grass for winter is 1.5 inches for warm climates and 0.75 inches for cool climates. Leaving the grass at a recommended length like this for the winter lets the grass protect itself and helps reduce fungus growth when it snows. It also helps delay cutting until warmer weather comes along.


Summer isn’t the only time that you can add fertilizer to your lawn to help with the growth of grass, plants, and flowers. Unfortunately, many think it’s too late if they don’t add fertilizer during the summer. You can still add fertilizer during the fall and winter months and you will reap the benefits in the spring and summer. Be sure you are using a good organic fertilizer with 0% phosphates.

Reduce or Stop Irrigation

Your sprinkler system is an expensive investment that requires regular maintenance and care for protection. This is especially true in the wintertime and even more true in harsh winter climates such as the winter months in New Jersey. During these months, the freezing cold weather is enough to freeze your sprinkler system, which can lead to broken pipes. 

Winterization for your irrigation system is a must in cold winter climates if you want to avoid the unthinkable, broken pipes. These services typically include draining, blow out, pressure test for leaks, and repairs and turn off timers/valves. When you give us a call you can rest assured knowing your pipes and sprinkler system is protected from the freezing cold weather. 

Plow Snow Properly

Another important part of protecting your lawn from the winter months is knowing how to plow your snow and when you plow your snow. We know it can be annoying, but snow can actually help protect your lawn. It’s okay to plow your sidewalks and driveways because snow can actually damage concrete and can be slippery and dangerous. 

Snow acts sort of like insulation from the crisp, bitter winter air. Plowing the snow on the grass will cause those patches of grass to not grow as well, making your lawn look patchy in the spring.

Winterizing Your Plants and Shrubs

In addition to protecting your lawn, it’s crucial to winterize your plants and shrubs to ensure their survival during the colder months. This can be done by mulching around the base of each plant to insulate the roots and prevent frost damage. Additionally, consider covering more delicate plants with burlap or frost blankets to provide extra protection from freezing temperatures. 

Benefits of Professional Winterization Services for Your Business 

Professional winterization services for your business offer numerous benefits and ensure the proper protection of your outdoor assets during the cold winter months. These services include draining and blowing out of your irrigation system to prevent frozen and broken pipes, as well as plowing snow correctly to avoid damaging your lawn. 

Professional winterization services can also provide guidance on how to winterize your plants and shrubs, ensuring their survival and health throughout the winter season. With the expertise and knowledge of our professionals at Chris James Landscaping, you can rest assured that your business’s outdoor areas will be well-prepared and protected during the harsh winter weather. 

We Can Help

If you want to ensure that your business’s outdoor areas are well-prepared and protected during the harsh winter weather, look no further than Chris James Landscaping in Allendale, NJ. Our professional winterization services include draining and blowing out of your irrigation system, correct snow plowing techniques, and guidance on winterizing your plants and shrubs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and let us help you keep your outdoor assets safe and thriving throughout the winter months.