Spring Flower Trends for Your New Jersey Garden

Spring Flower Trends for Your New Jersey Garden

As the winter months come to an end, many of us are thinking of what to do for our gardens. At Chris James Landscaping we keep up with the trends to keep your landscape looking great. Give our team a call to discuss the spring flower trends for your New Jersey Garden. We are happy to help in any way we can. 

Prepping For Spring

When the temperature starts to warm up after the frigid winter months you will start to notice small bits of color starting to show outside. There is a short window during this time to get your landscape in shape and plant flowers and trees to add beauty to your landscape.

New Jersey Spring Flower Trends

Nothing says spring more than beautiful blooming flowers! There are many different plants and trees to get the look you want to have your landscaping blooming with an array of colors. Some of the most popular spring flowers to consider are:

  • Daffodils- These are a perennial flower that needs to be planted ahead of time to ensure that they bloom. Planting the bulbs in the fall season will give them the time needed to establish well so that you can enjoy the beauty of their orange and yellow flowers. 
  • Bush Morning Glory- If you are looking for an annual plant that grows close to the ground and is good for borders or window boxes this is the plant for you. The blooms are trumpet-shaped and come in beautiful shades of pink, blue, and white. 
  • Pansies- Pansies are one of the most popular annual around. They are great for window boxes, containers, and flower beds. This little beauty comes in a great variety of eye-catching colors. 
  • Tulip- A favorite of many gardeners, tulips are another great addition to your spring landscape. Just like daffodils, tulips will need to be planted in the fall months for you to enjoy their beauty. There are many different varieties and come in many different colors to complement any garden. 
  • Dogwood Trees- Dogwoods are a great addition to any spring garden. They produce gorgeous flowers in the spring that can be pink, white, or red and they grow in a cluster of 4.

These are only a few spring flowers that are trending right now. We have many other plants, bushes, and trees that we can recommend to you to give you, even more, variety and color. 

Keeping It Simple 

You do not have to have a lot going on in your spring garden for it to beautiful and trendy. A simple design with easy to care for plants are popular and what many people look for. It is a great idea to choose a variety of perennials this will ensure that you can enjoy their beauty year after year without replanting. To fill in the empty areas each year you can add a variety of vibrant colored annuals each spring.