5 Ways To Prepare Your Yard For Spring Landscaping in Bergen County

5 Ways To Prepare Your Yard For Spring Landscaping in Bergen County

If you want your landscape to shine when spring arrives, you need to plan and begin in late winter. Don’t wait until it is time for trees to bud and flowers to bloom. If you are looking for a competent and professional company to do or assist with your landscape, Chris James Landscaping which serves in the Allendale area of Bergen County, New Jersey, is the place to start.

Order Seed And Plant Catalogs

We all know that for a project to be successful you need a plan. If you haven’t already, now is the time to plan what you want in your spring landscape. You can check for ideas online. However during cold New Jersey winters curling up in front of a fireplace with a seed catalog can be both productive and enjoyable.

Once you have decided and made your list, place your order and move on to the next step. Many catalog companies will take your order and hold it for shipping until the proper time for planting in your area.

To Take Care Of Tree Maintenance

Most shrubs should have been trimmed back in the fall. However, now would be the time to check for and resolve any damage that occurred during the winter.

January and February are the months to trim trees for spring and summer blooming. Don’t wait until buds have begun to form. Before you begin make sure you have the proper tools and they are in good condition. Limbs and branches damaged by ice and snow should be pruned. Unhealthy trees should be taken down and the debris removed.

Unless you have the experience and proper equipment, this is a job best left to professionals. Tree trimming can be hazardous. It’s usually safer and less expensive to hire a professional than to purchase, maintain and store all the equipment needed for this job. Chris James Landscaping in Bergen County, New Jersey, can help with that.

Get Perennial Beds In Shape

It’s time for a good cleaning. Remove leaves, twigs and any other debris from the plant beds. You may want to have your soil tested. Your local agricultural extension office may help with that. You can also order test kits or pick them up at your local gardening shop. When you get the results, you can amend the soil as needed.

Knowing what you want in the beds will determine what you want in your soil. Get your plant beds in shape while waiting for your plants to arrive.

Check Out Your Local Gardening Shop

When the weather begins to warm, visiting local gardening shops is always interesting. Adding bright, new shapes and colors to perennial beds can be fun. If you have not ordered those, when the weather warms, spend some time at a local gardening shop. 

It may be a shape, color, pot or who knows what. Something new may just catch your eye.

Consider Contacting A Landscaping Company

Maybe you just enjoy gardening yourself. Planning and maintaining a striking landscape can be a challenge. If gardening is your way of releasing stress you may only want to confer with professionals who can help you plan and establish what you want.

Maybe you like the lightweight work but want help with the more difficult tasks such as tree-trimming and regular mowing. Or maybe you just want to come home and relax in a well planned and maintained outdoors.

Landscaping Services

Whatever professional service or assistance you are seeking, Chris James Landscaping can provide it for you. Please call our office to learn more about our landscaping services.