Top 5 Low Maintenace Shrubs For The Yard

Top 5 Low Maintenace Shrubs For The Yard

Do you live in the Waldwick, NJ area and are looking for some landscaping help? This wonderful company has been serving in this community for the past 39 years. They are educated and fully qualified for all your landscaping needs. 

Loving to garden and having the time to garden are two different things. People love the idea of having a beautiful yard with all kinds of pretty plants. Plants take time and energy to keep looking good. That’s where Chris James Landscaping can help you out. 

Keeping Your Garden Low Maintenance

Keeping your yard looking nice and well kept is a full time job. Everything needs to be trimmed, weeded, and watered daily. Depending on the size of your yard , this can be a lot of hours of work. There are many options that you can choose to make it a little less work. May shrubs that you are able to purchase for your garden, can be very low maintenance.

Gold Mound Spirea

These are a great choice for your yard to not require a lot of work. They make a great addition to add some color also. Blooms of pretty flowers grow all over these shrubs. You may need to trim and shape up this area once a year. This beautiful shrub can be in direct sunlight and grows to around 4-6 feet tall. 

Summerific Hardy Hibiscus

Having a shrub that is not only little work but also adds gorgeous color to your yard is a win. Hibiscus bloom a big pink, red, or multicolor flower that is stunning in your landscaping. That way you are still adding the pretty effects to your yard, with a low maintenance plant. 

The gorgeous hibiscus shrub grows to be about 4 feet tall and can be in direct sunlight. Noneed to worry about it getting too hot and not having enough water. They will even keep their color into the fall seasons. 

Blue Star Juniper

The blue green needles on this shrub are stunning. A lot of times when thinking of a shrub you just think about dull green bushes. These are nothing short of gorgeous, and you will definitely want one in your low maintenance landscaping. 

These tend to stay short to the ground and grow year after year. They take a little while to take off, but they will. They require very little pruning in the beginning and just a moderate amount after they do. 

Dwarf Burning Bush

You will love these bushes in your garden. They are a radiant red color and just pop in the landscaping. They don’t get very big and require very little tending to. The neat thing about these is that they are green throughout the summer, then they turn red in the fall season. You get two styles in one shrub. 

Japanese Holly Shrubs

If you have an area of your yard that needs filling, these are a good option. They are compact and don’t need much tending to. They are a beautiful shade of green and fill out well. Growing to around 5-6 feet high and 4-5 feet wide. 

Japanese Holly Shrubs give a very dense full appearance. No need to worry about them getting too much heat as they can be in the full sunlight. They produce a white flower to give it some color. 

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