What Is Included In Commercial Landscaping Services?

What Is Included In Commercial Landscaping Services?

Need help with your commercial landscaping? The front entrance of your building is the first thing customers see before interacting with your staff. Before your customers enter your business, they are already cultivating ideas and impressions about your business. What do you want them to say? 

Why Investing in Commercial Landscaping is Important? 

There are many reasons you might consider hiring a commercial landscaping company to maintain your building’s commercial landscape. Below are a few reasons it’s important to invest in commercial landscaping: 

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is usually the first thing you may think about. Your customers take your business more seriously when they walk up to an immaculate landscape. You do not get a second chance at making a first impression. Manicured flower beds, maintained bushes, healthy-looking plants, edged walkways, and clean-cut grass speaks volumes about the integrity and priorities of your business. When customers see you have gone above and beyond to make your entrance look pleasing to the eye, it gives them a sense of comfort and feelings of being welcomed. A good way to attract clients is when they see how well-maintained your commercial landscapes are.


Investing in landscaping the exterior of your building may seem like a luxury, but really you can’t afford not to. From making sure your parking lot is safe and clean to maintaining walkways and bushes, lawn care safety is important to invest your effort and money. 

Over one million people each year are taken to the emergency room for slip and fall accidents. Many of these accidents happen inside and outside of businesses. Many of these injuries are preventable. With proper care and maintenance of your commercial landscapes, you can make your space safe for employees and customers. 

Saves Money

You may find yourself wanting to save money by doing the landscaping yourself or hiring an unprofessional lawn care service, but that may end up costing you more. Commercial landscaping companies have commercial-grade equipment that helps them do a quick efficient job. You are not going to find yourself calling a commercial landscaper to ask why they left dead lawn clippings all over the lawn or parking lot. 

When you hire a commercial landscaper, you hire their expertise. If you need a flower bed, grass seeds planted, or to know which plants would fit your property, they know the best solutions for your needs. They know which perennials will do well in the shade and sun, saving you from wasting your investment. 

What Is Included In Commercial Landscaping Services?

Commercial Landscaping services are customized to meet all your landscaping needs. Commercial Landscaping companies understand your desire to take your business to the next level. They have a vast amount of experience turning typical landscapes into masterpieces. Our commercial landscaper team can work within your budget to help you create something you will be proud to drive to work every day.  Our lawn care services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Basic lawn care maintenance
  • Pruning
  • Check the borders, sidewalks, parking lots, and pathways 
  • Planting flowers, trees, and bushes
  • Masonry-flower bed borders
  • Masonry walkways or stairs 
  • Maintaining Ground Cover
  • Landscape design
  • Installing fountains, signs, and ponds 
  • Help with creating seating areas for customers and employees
  • All-season maintenance—including leaf and snow removal in the winter months
  • Emergency lawn maintenance and plant replacement services
  • Irrigation services
  • Interior plant care and plant selection
  • Mulching
  • Low voltage lighting repair and installation

Whether you have a large area to maintain or a few small flower beds or other plants, here at Chris James Landscaping have the right professionals for the job. We create personalized commercial landscaping designs that meet your unique lawn care needs. 

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